Jan 032015

Here are some pictures of a sculpture and photography installation I had up in May of 1998 at the gallery of the Fine Arts building, Kalamazoo College. Each sculpture is on pedestal looking past other sculptures to a photograph on the opposite wall. The sculpture and the content of the photograph inhabit the same context. It was fun. I hope it amuses you.


train sculpture and picture

commuter sculpture

toilet sculpture and picture

toilet sculpture

tv sculpture and picture

painter sculpture and picture

microwave sculpture and picture

hiker sculpture and picture

  2 Responses to “Art from 1998”

  1. This is what I call art! May I ask who gets artistic credit for the photographs of the photographs?

    • The photographer of the photographs gets artistic credit for the photographs of and the photographs, but he is accepting proposals for naming rights from people real and legally recognized; real and not legally recognized; and imagined and not legally recognized. Corporations and other people imaginary and legally recognized need not apply.

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